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Willie was one of the students at Rydell. Like Francine he was a great dancer, and apparently a pretty decent bowler, seen in the background with Francine during Score Tonight.

Ivy Austin & Tom Villard - autographed Photo Ivy sent me!!

He may have been dancing and musically gifted, but he was a bit of a nerd when it came to Sex Ed (Reproduction), as it seemed to make him queasy, because he cried "OH I THINK I'M GONNA THROW UP!" That was probably not the smartest thing for him to exclaim aloud, as his girlfriend Francine was well within earshot, and she was one of the girls who had just sang the previous verse "Come on, baby, show me that you really love me so!"

At the June Moon Talent Show, Willie was the student who sang `Cry', a song about letting go after a break-up. He sang it well, got screaming applause from several girl students. However, he let his performance go to his head, singing like a Drama King, and he was extremely animated and dramatic; Clutching the air, his chest, in fact anybody who happened by... including Johnny Nogerelli and Principal McGee.

At the luau, Willie was seen jamming with - then slow-dancing cheek-to-cheek with his lovely girlfriend, Francine.