Trixie Andrews is a character from Grease 2. She was seen in almost every musical scene, paired with Bernie Dillard. She was one of the first of the Boy / Girl Greasers seen onscreen, even before the 1st-billed characters.

In Score Tonight, she and Bernie wore gray, black, and red bowling league shirts, and her long blonde hair was done up in a large, sleek French Twist / beehive.

She and Bernie were later seen, wearing the same bowling league shirts, her hair down, sitting atop a car parked at the Bowl-A-Rama when Lone Rider made his awe-inspiring debut, Who's That Guy?.

In Reproduction, she is the blonde in the pink pencil skirt who sings, "Hope he's proud of what he's done!"

At the Talent Show, she portrayed the month of April, dressed in an Easter Bunny suit, alongside Francine (Month of May) And Sharon Cooper (Month of March).

At the Luau, she was present when "Lone Rider" Michael Carrington revealed himself, and Johnny Nogerelli got over his shock, and made Michael an official T-Bird.

She was portrayed by Helena Andreyko

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