Stephanie Zinone is the one of the main protagonists in Grease's Sequel, Grease 2.

The leader of the Pink Ladies, she was young, strong, extremely beautiful, and mischievous. Sporting long blonde hair, a well-toned frame, wearing a reversible pink-to-black satin jacket, she was one of the most beautiful, most desired girls in the school.

During summer vacation, Stephanie outgrew Johnny, the leader of the T-Birds, and wanted something new.

She is the love interest of Michael Carrington, but she's interested in a "cool rider". She falls for one - a disguised Michael - outside the bowling alley. When she's having problems in English, she accepts Michael's help, returning his feelings in the process.

After being seen with Michael, Johnny gives her the option of leaving the Pink Ladies, reminding her that her jacket is T-Bird property. She refuses. On the night of the talent show, an angry Johnny and the T-Birds chase the Cool Rider with the Pink Ladies in pursuit.  

After the Cool Rider jumps into the darkness, Stephanie is heartbroken, thinking he's dead. At the talent show, Stephanie and Michael share a song together. 

She and Johnny are crowned Hula Lula king & queen. When the Cycle Lords crashed the dance, the Cool Rider came and saved the party. He revealed himself as Michael, much to everyone's surprise. Johnny loses his temper, but then calms down and gives Michael a T-Bird Jacket.

Stephanie kisses Michael and they celebrate that they can finally be together and end up together. ("We'll Be Together")

Stephanie is portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Stephanie acting cool


Stephanie with the Pink Ladies

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