Sharon Cooper is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2.

Second-in-command of the Pink Ladies. A Jackie Kennedy look-alike with curly-hair, a pillbox hat, mint-green skirt and pastel blouse. She was pretty, cheerful, a bit of a do-gooder, but also very opinionated, and very bossy. She sometimes had about her a haughty air that suggested she believed she was the Pink Ladies' actual leader.

She did take the reins as leader of the Calendar Girls during the try-outs, rehearsals and final performances of the June Moon Talent Show. In that regard, Sharon was above Stephanie Zinone as leader.

Though she did love Louis DiMucci, she wasn't yet ready to let him "get to home base". As Louis himself said he tried to get to second base, but kept "getting called out when he tried to slide into third".

A potential strain on their relationship was the comically flopped come-on attempt at Michael Carrington's uncle's bomb shelter, while under the pretense of soldier-on-his-way-to-war Let's Do It For Our Country. Louis tried unsuccessfully to trick Sharon into finally sleeping with him by having Davey Jaworski and Goose Mckenzie set off the air raid siren they'd "borrowed" from Principal Mcgee's office, simulating an attack by the Russians. Sharon thought the entire song was about joining the military. When she decided to sign up, opened the door to the bomb shelter, Goose and Davey fell in, ruining Louis' night.

Since she was known for butting in on other's conversations - especially Johnny and Steph's argument - when she tried to add her opinion, she was (inevitably) met with "WE DON'T CARE, SHARON!!" From Johnny, Goose, and Davey rudely yelling out loud interrupted, but Louis raised his hand to them to try to make them shut up.

A sign of her haughty attitude was during the ride in the Pink Ladies car, to the Talent Show, saying with a holier-than-thou air that she wasn't very keen on Stephanie being so smitten with her Lone Rider, a man she barely knew "It's totally BEYOND me!". Rhonda Ritter set her straight on that. "She's got a crush!!"

At the Talent Show, her efforts in training and rehearsing for the Calendar Girls act paid off. Sharon's costume, a St. Patrick's Day outfit with a green & gold cape, the glittery gold collar, shaped like a cloverleaf with pink fringe.

At the Luau, We'll be together, when Louis sang "Will I ever score?" She sang-replied "There's nothing wrong with us liking each other."

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