Sandi "Big G." Green (Girl Greaser) is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2.

A vivacious red-head, wearing a dark blouse, a headband, and a plaid purple skirt, she was first seen in Back To School Again, boogie-ing down during the verse `I said "Hey purty baby, how's a bout a date?"', She said "I'm going to school and I can't be late!"'

Grease 2 - 1 Back To School 0872

Vicki Hunter boogie-ing down

In Score Tonight She and Artie were dressed in goldenrod-yellow bowling shirts with dark blue detailing.

In Reproduction, Bubba had her riding his shoulders by her legs, sometimes she was seen doing a handstand while hanging upside-down. Bubba lay her over Artie and Michael Carrington's desks (She squealed briefly), singing "He was only POKIN' fun!"

At the June Moon Talent Show, Sandi portrayed the month of August (verified by Ivy Austin [THANK YOU]), dressed in a baseball player jersey, and a baseball-in-mitt headpiece.

At the finale We'll Be Together, Sandi and Artie were dancing closely, and she took the Hawaiian lei from her neck and draped it over Artie's shoulders, then they kissed.

She was played by Sandra Gray, who played Big G. in Grease. Name from Frenchy's Grease Scrapbook.

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