Roy Luther was a character (Boy Greaser) in Grease 2

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In Score Tonight, Roy and his girlfriend Vicki Hunt sang "We're gonna wipe the floor" - and Bernie Dillard and Trixie Andrews challenged with (getting right up in their faces) "WITH YOU TONIGHT!!" Later, Roy, Bernie, and R.G. were seen spinning their bowling balls around in wide arcs. The three of them were seen immediately after throwing themselves down onto the lane and sliding towards camera.

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In Reproduction, Chuck McGovern sang to his girlfriend Lucy Dickens "When a warm-blooded mammal in a tight little sweater starts pullin' that stuff, is she saying that she wants to do IT?!" To which Bart added "Can't prove it by me! 'Cause they change their tune when you've got 'em in the back seat!" And Roy sang, jerking his green sweater's front back and forth, "With his heart beatin' fast!" And Stacie & Gracie cried "They make it sound like a track meet! GROSS!!"

He was played by Roy Luthringer

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