Prep-Tones, Rydell's answer to insomnia

} The Prep-Tones were a musical act comprised of Brad, Vernon Scott, and Jim Jeffries.

The only song they knew - or performed - was Mr. Sandman.

They were so boring, even Principal McGee thought they sucked.

The Prep-Tones were in the shower room, rehearsing during the June Moon Talent Show, and were ambushed by the T-Birds, who lashed the three of them to the shower assembly. On Johnny Nogerelli's order (a finger-snap), the three Prep-Tones were drenched, and the T-Birds stole their pink jackets.

After Prowlin' was finished, the hapless, soaking Prep-Tones watched in anger as the T-Birds swept the boy's division. Actually the T-Birds did them a favor!! Their `Mr. Sandman' act would have the audience in the aisles - trying to find the exit!! Martin Misner's performance would have been a riot in comparison! As such, Mrs. McGee overlooked the T-Bird's interference (theft / cheating).

Not all was lost for those unlucky bastards, though (heh). They did know how to boogie on down at the Lani Kai Lani Luau, dancing wit Stacie & Gracie, swishing red-yellow pom-poms.

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