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Paulette Rebchuck is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2. The Pink Ladies third-in-command, she is tall, kind, blonde, buxom, delicately built, extremely beautiful, has a strong voice and focused on what she wanted with lunatic intensity. She became the girlfriend of the leader of the T-Birds: Johnny after Stephanie broke up with him. With her curly pixie blonde bouffant hairdo, pastel pink skirt, and a low-cut sweater-blouse. She based her look on Marilyn Monroe.

She is second-in-command of the Pink Ladies. Out of the Pink Ladies, she gets annoyed by her younger sister, Dolores Rebchuck, and is constantly at odds with her.

She's friends with Stephanie, Frenchy, Vicki, Francine and Trixie. She was curious about Stephanie's break-up with Johnny, and Stephanie told her she outgrew him over the summer. Because their breakup it would be a boon for Paulette, who was as smitten with Johnny as he was with Stephanie. Paulette was above Stephanie Zinone as leader. However, she would tread lightly, since interfering with T-Bird to Pink Lady relations was against the "Pink Lady Code." (Rule 6: No Pink Lady is allowed to interfere with other Pink Lady to T-Bird relationships).

At the Bowl-A-Rama, she and Johnny were together, flirting with each other, with the possibility of sex later that night. At the end of the game, when Davey stated that the T-Birds won a "Well-Deserved Victory," Johnny asked: "Yeah, but where's the trophy?" Paulette responded by deeply kissing him. Immediately after their kiss, Johnny declared that kiss the Trophy for Best Average, then took Stephanie's hand and asked her for the trophy for "Best Score," angering Paulette. She was so distraught that though she railed on Dolores for wanting to go out for pizza, her anger was more directed at Johnny.

Having witnessed Stephanie's surprise kiss on the the British exchange student, Michael, Paulette was perceptive enough to realize that Michael was smitten with Stephanie. When Michael asked Stephanie out but was rejected, Rhonda and Paulette remarked: "I think he's in love." / "I think he's kinda cute."

Paulette tells Frenchy about the happenings at the Bowl-A-Rama (Who's That Guy?), telling her that "this very mysterious and gorgeous guy... knocked one Stephanie Zinone right out of her bobby socks!"

At the June Moon Talent Show, Paulette was cast to play "Summer," but Johnny thought her costume revealed too much skin, and tried to cover her up. He even ordered her to be "Winter" instead. She became so enraged that she pushed him, telling him that she would no longer tolerate his "bullying ways and bossing around." She also told him she may not be the classiest girl, but she was the best he was going to get, so "take it or leave it," and shoved him through the curtains, past an amazed Aurelio, and into the clutching hands of Willie Willard, who was dramatically singing Cry (Song). When it was time for Paulette to go on stage, Johnny smiled while watching her from the inside of the curtain.

At the night scene of the Lani Kai Lani Luau, Paulette could be seen at the edge of the Pool of Enchantment, along with the chant of "Hula! Hula! Hula! Hula!" when Mrs. McGee led the still-wobbly, discombobulated Mr. Spears across the deck.

During the Cycle Lords attack almost immediately afterwards, Paulette and Sharon Cooper tossed stuffed animals at the renegade cyclers, to little effect.

Along with Stephanie, she was the first of the Pink Ladies to yell out: "It's him!" when Lone Rider appeared to rout the Cycle Lords to a comical defeat.

After Lone Rider revealed himself to be Michael Carrington, Johnny was shocked and furious and wanted to fight, but everyone defended Michael and Johnny relented by demanding: "Jacket!" Davey tossed a T-Bird Jacket, and it hit Paulette in the face. Seeing her worried look, Johnny calmed down and softly repeated: "Jacket." Paulette handed it to him, smiling: "Jacket." Johnny took the jacket and made Michael the newest member of the T-Birds.

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At the Luau, while dancing to the song, We'll Be Together, Johnny sang: "I like what you got, I guess it's okay if you wanna show it." Paulette sang-replied: "I am what I am, and I'm all for you, just want you to know it." Afterward, they kissed.