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Patricia "Patty" Simcox is a character in the 1978 movie, Grease. She is a cheesy do-good cheerleader, beautiful and highly intelligent, though to Rizzo, she's the "bad seed of Rydell High". She was played by Susan Buckner in the movie, Elle McLemore in the 2016 Live production.

Role in Film[]

Patty is often the butt of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds jokes, for example, Jan snuck an apple on her seat just as she sat down, and Rizzo pushed her off the bench along with Sandy. Kenickie also pranked her many times in the film, such as putting a frog in her school bag in biology class. Patty somehow convinced Sandy to tryout for the cheerleading squad. They are then seen cheerleading at the pep rally.

At the National Dance-Off, which she had organized, Patty came in wearing a blue strapless dress and matching blue high heels, she was happy and cheering and dancing, but nothing really went well for her. She was laughed at from the start, she got covered in tissue paper when a prop fell on her, when she finally got her chance to actually compete in the dance off, she ran out in the middle of the whole school (and live television cameras) and jumped and danced while everyone booed her.

Kenickie then ran up behind her, grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it high above her head, exposing her matching massive blue granny panties and making her scream in embarrassment, he forced her to dance around in a circle with her dress over her head, making sure the whole school (and the live television cameras) saw her big blue panties, before letting it go. She then ran off crying while everyone cheered and laughed. In the Live Version, she is wearing a pink dress and white high heels, as Eugene spins her around, he accidentally rips the bottom half of her dress off, exposing her white frilly panties and causing the presenter Vince to look at them. She screams and runs off.

She was then seen again at the dance when Danny and Cha Cha won the competition, she is again teased for her humiliation. After the dance, her exposed underpants are seemingly forgotten, as she sees Rizzo at school, and teases her by telling a group of her friends: "That's the one I was telling you about."

In the final scene, she is shown to be with Tom Chisum.

She should be with Eugene