Mr. Stuart is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2.

Mr. Stuart was new to Rydell, a substitute teacher, replacing Mr. Spears after his mental exhaustion relapse.

While speaking with Principal McGee, Ms. Mason happened by and she liked what she saw. Apparently the attraction was mutual, and Mrs. McGee picked up on that, flustered by Ms. Mason's flirtatious behavior.

Unfortunately for Mr.Stuart, as soon as he attempted to start class, all of the students left in a mass exodus.

His shining moment came when he ran his Biology class learing about sexual reproduction Reproduction. First, he asked what time was best for a woman to conceive, be fertile. He skimmed the class roster, and smirked, singling out one of the supposed "cool crowd", Davey Jaworski, causing Louis DiMucci to snicker at the fact that Davey had ZERO knowledge of women. The question was bounced from Davey to Johnny Nogerelli, to Goose McKenzie then Louis, who answered "At night." They weren't getting very far so he started at the beginning.

Mr. Stuart had the rare distinction of being the only teacher at Rydell who had ever had a major role in a musical number (although Mrs. Murdock could be seen dancing in the background of Greased Lightnin'). However, very soon the class got out of hand. Just after the `Reproduction' number, Principal McGee called him out on his class, worried that the students bodies were more developed than their minds.

Some months later, at the June Moon Talent Show he and his date, Ms. Mason, had to suffer through some mediocre performances, namely Martin Misner and his "Red-Hot Accordion". He reacted to the music as if sedated, nearly nodding off, but ultimately he remained awake, especially since Ms. Mason was seated next to him.

At the Lani Kai Lani Luau, he and Ms. Mason had obviously elevated from being interested in each other, to in a relationship, as they were seen first in the middle of the Pool of Enchantment, in a flower-adorned raft. They were seen in close-up, about to steal a quick kiss, as they swished their pom-poms in front of them, concealing their actions.

It could be assumed that Mr. Spears retired afterwards, and perhaps Mr.Stuart took over on a permanent basis.

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