Lone Rider

Michael Carrington's alter-Ego "Lone Rider" (AKA Cool Rider)

Lone Rider (Also called Cool Rider) is Michael Carrington's alter-ego. Both his Lone Rider persona and his Cool Rider motorcycle were forged from the desperation to win Stephanie Zinone's heart.

Michael trained himself - through months of trial and error - to become a bad-ass biker. He single-handedly defeated the Cycle Lords in his debut at the Bowl-A-Rama (Who's That Guy?).

Jealous at Stephanie Zinone's feeling for this mystery biker, Johnny Nogerelli declared Lone Rider an enemy and vowed to "Rearrange his face" at their next meeting. And at their next meeting, the T-Birds chased him down, leading to his apparent `death' at Dead Man's Curve.

Spoiler alert, he made the jump - 100 feet to the other side, as Johnny had stated.

At the Luau, when the Cycle Lords crashed the party that night, Lone Rider returned, and defeated the enemy bikers in an epic battle. He revealed himself as Michael Carrington. Instead of rejecting him again, Stephanie Zinone accepted him not only as the Lone Rider but as himself.

His motorcycle, his motorized steed, `Cool Rider', was a re-built-from-the-ground-up Honda Scrambler, which had once been owned by Pfeil's Cycle Salvage yard owner, G.E. Salva, a former motorcycle racer. `Cool Rider' was one of Salva's "Personal transportation a few spare parts ago."


  • The motorcycle was a 1965 Honda Scrambler 305.
Cool Rider Honda Scrambler

Honda Scrambler 305, Michael's `Cool Rider' cycle

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