Let's Do It for Our Country (Film edit)

Louis: (Spoken) Hey, you gotta be prepared, 'cause some day, when you least expect it... Ka-blam! Nucleid war!

Sharon: (Spoken) What's that?!

Louis: (Spoken) It's started.

(Singing) America is calling
Let's care enough to give our very best

Sharon: (Spoken) What started?! What's happening, Louis?!
Louis: (Spoken) The Russians are attacking! Get down!

For if we give our very best
I know that we will more than
pass the test

Sharon: (Spoken) What?! Get off me!

Louis: (Spoken) Think about it. What if we died here tonight without ever doing it?

Sharon: (Spoken) 'It'? Oh, my God! Let me out of here, Louis!

Louis: (Spoken) Are you crazy? They're dropping bombs out there!

Yeah, let's do it for our country
The red, white and the blue
It's Uncle Sam who's asking
So your mother will approve

Tomorrow I’ll be fighting
And I’ll win this war for you
Let's do it for our country
Our country wants us to.

Sharon: (Spoken, moved) Oh, Louis!

Bullets are exploding
They'll soon be at the door
Give something to America
you never gave before!

Yeah, let's do it for our country
The red, white and the blue

Sharon: (Spoken) But, are you sure my mother would approve?

Louis: (Spoken) Your mother don't even have to know about it, Sharon."

Sharon: (Spoken) And you think we're old enough to go?

Louis: (Spoken) All the way.
Sharon: (Spoken) But, Louis, you might get hurt! Oh, God!

Louis: (Spoken) Just think about it, Sharon! It would be like doing it for the Statue of Liberty!

Sharon: (Spoken) Or the Grand Canyon!

Louis: (Spoken) Or The New York Yankees!

Both: (Spoken) It'd be like we would be doing it for... For Disneyland!

Yeah, Let's do it for our country
The red, white and the blue
It's not a lot to ask of us
Our parents will approve

You'll be a mighty soldier!

Before this night is through!

Let's do it for our country

We owe it to our country

Let's do it for our country!
Our country.. wants.. us.. to!

Sharon: (Spoken) I'm ready, Louis.

Louis: (Spoken) Me, too.
Sharon: (Spoken, excited) Hurry, come on! Let’s go to my house!

Louis: (Spoken) No, don't!

Sharon: (Aghast, crying) Louis DiMucci! Oh, God! Oh, how could you do this?!

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