The Lani Kai Lani Luau was the end-of-the-year blow-out event, a Hawaiian-themed celebration following Friday night's June Moon Talent Show.

As the well-known Carnival celebration at the end of the 1958-1959 year (Grease) had been that year's biggest thing, the luau was that to the 1961-1962 school year! Kissing booths, a cake and pie stand, the main staff table, tiki torches everywhere, and a large Pool of Enchantment (Location) in the center.

P-A-R-T, Y? Because they gotta!

The luau's pool first held a raft with Mr.Stuart and Ms. Mason.

Nearly everyone was decked out in festive Hawaiian outfits, and they were jamming along to the wild theme, Luau (Summer Is Comin').

The Pink Ladies danced single-file in a Conga line, shaking bamboo batons, dressed in light dresses and blouse – but Steph wore gray to show her sullen mood, she wasn't in the Luau mood. The Cheerleader Twins scoffed at their rivals, and Steph stepped up to them, threatening with her bamboo baton. She might not have been in a party mood, but no reason for those snots to ruin it for the others.

Elsewhere, The-T-Birds were struttin' their stuff, wearing Tiki Masks, as they danced around each other then piled in a T-Bird pyramid. Johnny Nogerelli eyed the crowd, surveying what was the last day as his reign as King of the Luau, and the last days as a T-Bird.

Later that night, dusk, the party was still raging, and the King and Queen of the luau (Johnny and Steph) were carried to the pool on a bamboo war raft, and set afloat. Steph was still heartbroken over Lone Rider's demise, but Johnny was cheerful, until he dropped a cigarette on his grass King of The Luau skirt. The two inevitably took to arguing.

As Johnny and Steph battled on the raft Mrs. McGee was walking with a still-wobbly Mr. Spears, who ended up walking right up the steps and into the pool.

Mere seconds later, the Cycle Lords crashed the party.

 The thunder of cycles
 and what did we see,
 the Vile cycle lords,
 crashing the party!
 They rode around the luau,
 like they owned the place,
 and ruined Rydell's party!
 'Twas such a disgrace!
 But what appeared up above
 made Stephanie gasp!
 T'was the Lone Rider!!

The Pool of Enchantment later became the center of a motorcycle battleground when Lone Rider re-emerged and whipped the Cycle Lords asses, causing 2 of them to crash their bikes into the pool, attempting to imitate Lone Rider's Superman-jump.

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