Friday Last Day of School, June 1st, 1962, the Rydell event of the year!

As the National Dance-Off had been Rydell's biggest thing in the 1958–1959 school year (Grease), the talent Show was 1962's event.

And it's called June Moon due to the fact that a it takes place in June, as in usual school years go from September to June. Ignore that the dates on the sets are inaccurate, the year the Talent Show takes place in is actually now 1962.

The ActsEdit

  • Martin Meisner and His Red-Hot... Accordion. A `fortunate' equipment malfunction - the Flamenco dancer's fan snapping in half - ended the song early, much to Mr. Stuart's relief.
  • The T-Birds performing Prowlin' (Actually concluding their previous song).

Spoiler alert! Both the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies won their division of the talent show! Like there was any doubt ;-)

The Grand Prizes: 100 long-playing records, 2 certificates for 50 LPs each, including "At least Ten Roy Orbison albums" and classical music like Tchaikovsky and Chopin (Tee-Choks-ski and Choppin, according to Louis DiMucci). 50 rock artists, 50 classical artists.

And to Goose McKenzie's chagrin, the T-Birds won the classical albums. It's a safe bet that Rhonda Ritter wouldn't share her Roy Orbison albums doe to Goose razzing her about her nose - which was actually fairly petit - on the first day of school.

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