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John "Johnny" Nogerelli is a character from the movie Grease 2.

He is the leader the T-Birds, possibly succeeding Danny after he graduated. He's Italian, extremely cocky and self-assured, cool, but seemingly shallow and chauvinistic. He's also a control freak with a jealous temper.

He had a habit, either intentional or otherwise, of taking "big words" and mispronouncing them, to comical effect. Despite his flaws, though, he was a natural leader. Slightly short, but powerfully built like a tank to compensate. Sporting all black - jeans, sleeveless muscle shirt, belt, motorcycle boots, leather jacket with the T-Birds logo stitched on the back, and a Pompadour haircut, he was the epitome of cool.

It was revealed that he and Stephanie Zinone used to date during the previous school year, but she broke up with him over the summer after outgrowing him.

His current girlfriend is Paulette Rebchuck, starting a relationship with her, saying during Score Tonight, "I'm giving her therapy for her disease." Goose asked, "What disease??" "Nymphoid-mania!"

Upon learning that Stephanie was falling for the Cool Rider, Johnny threatened to "rearrange his face" if he saw him with her again. When he saw Stephanie with Michael Carrington, he reminded her that her Pink Lady Jacket was T-Bird Property and suggested that she leave the group, but Stephanie refused.

He and the T-Birds chased Lone Rider to a construction site Dead Man's Curve, in which Lone Rider's motorcycle jumped off, seemingly disappeared into the darkness. Assuming he was dead, Stephanie was devastated and Johnny felt guilty.

Thanks to winning the Boy's Division of the June Moon Talent Show, he was crowned "King" of the Luau, and Stephanie was crowned "Queen". He tried to console her in her sullen sad mood by reminding her "Come on, we're having a good time! It's a Luau!" And then he dropped his cigarette onto his grass costume, having a hard time getting it back, and maintain his cool dignity.

The Cycle Lords came and crashed the party. To Johnny's shock, Lone Rider showed up and saved the day. When Lone Rider showed himself as Michael, Johnny was shocked but relieved that he was alive. However, Johnny was angry and wanted to fight. Stephanie, Louis, Davey, and Goose immediately went to bat for Michael, since he went from "Shakespeare" to biker. Johnny relented, and welcomed Michael into the gang with the gift of a T-Bird Jacket. Afterward, Johnny accepted Stephanie's love for Michael and stayed with Paulette.