Bradley Samuel McKenzie, more commonly known as Goose, is a character in the movie Grease 2. He's a member of the 1961 era T-Birds, and his girlfriend is Rhonda Ritter.

He's the T-Bird's second-in-command. A couple inches taller than his friend Johnny Nogerelli, fairly well built, lanky, and a totally mischievous wise-ass. However, he had a habit of parroting Johnny's every word or command, so he was a follower, but a pretty cool one. He wore more conventional `cool' clothes; Blue jeans, a gray shirt, and a black cloth and leather jacket with gray lining, with the T-Birds logo stitched on the back.

He and Johnny were generally less receptive of Michael Carrington, a `nerd' in comparison to the cool crowd. In the Bowl-A-Rama, after Stephanie Zinone's unexpected lip-slam (kiss) on Michael, when Michael politely asked if it was too late to join the game, Goose snapped "You want somethin'?!" in a less-than-friendly tone.

However, after Steph reamed Michael (Cool Rider (Song)), Louis DiMucci enlisted Michael's help with his homework, paying him, setting him on the course to becoming who would later be known as Lone Rider. Goose soon enlisted Michael's help with his classwork, meeting with Michael under the south end of the west bleachers. He paid Michael off for one essay, then asked Michael if he could handle a couple history assignments as well, including his William The Conqueror essay.

As for the T-Birds' participation of the June Moon Talent Show, Goose's reasons for performing were simple: he wanted the 10 Roy Orbison albums offered in the 100 LP record grand prize.

After the T-Birds won the Boy's division of the talent show, he was disappointed to know that the half of the 100 LPs they received were the classical artists (like Ti-ckok-ski and Choppin' and the Greatest Hits of Bee-Thoven).

Although Johnny's loyal follower, after Lone Rider wiped out the Cycle Lords and revealed himself as Michael, first Davey Jaworski then Louis came to Michael's defense, and Goose stepped up, "You know, Lou's got a point about Davey's point, Johnny...", accepting that Michael was T-Bird material.

He is portrayed by Christopher MacDonald.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The William Rotsler Grease 2 novelization has Goose portrayed as - in the film - parroting his superior, but Rotsler makes Goose come off as macabre and nasty at the climax of the Dead Man's Curve - joking about going down the trench to view the (Lone Rider)'s remains.

Disney Connection[edit | edit source]

In the Disney movie Lemonade Mouth, Christopher MacDonald played Mr. Brenigan, the principal of the main cast's high school. At the end of the film, he realized the kids were good musicians and backed off of his dislike of their music. He confessed that he was once a rebellious teen. A Grease 2 reference.


Lemonade Mouth Brenigan, Grease 2 `Goose'

Christopher MacDonald in Lemonade Mouth, Grease 2 reference

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