G.E. Salva is a character in Grease 2.

He is the owner and manager of Pfeil's Cycle Salvage, Gerald Edwin (G.E.) Salva, was a hefty, blond, mustachioed man, appeared to be in his early fifties.

After a brief stint in WWII, Mr. Salva had been a motorcycle racer from 1953 until 1957, in his mid-40s, until his trusty Honda Scrambler blew a tire and threw him, wrecking the cycle severely and injuring him (torn ligaments, broken bones), ending his career. That Honda had been his beauty, but it was too damaged for him to repair, also his injuries put him on the sidelines for too long, so he sold the remains to the cycle salvage yard. A few years prior to Grease 2, he took some of the remaining earnings from his racing days and made some investments that paid off. He bought Pfeil's Salvage Yard when it was going under, and made it prosper again.

Several of the local high school students bought parts from him for their own cycles. Despite the conditions of most of the scrapped cycles, it was a very lucrative business. Even the Cycle Lords gang frequented his salvage yard. Despite their dubious reputations, his dealings with them were usually equitable. Even their leader, Leo Balmudo – dangerous to his rivals – was generally decent to him.

"One or two of these were my personal transportation a few spare parts ago." Little did G.E. Salva know that the very bike that Michael Carrington had rebuilt from the ground up, creating his "Cool Rider" cycle, had been the very motorcycle that had once been Mr. Salva's.

He was portrayed by William "Bill" Clark.

William Clark, under the name of Bill, was also a camera operator, and helped film the first shot of "Score Tonight", when viewers see the bowling pins knocked down from the pins' perspective.

Score tonight2

William Clark (circled) behind the camera during Score Tonight

With deepest sincere thanks to SirNickClark (William Clark's grandson) on twitter for his name

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