There are lots of extras and of course I can not tell you all of the names of them.

But here is a list of the Girl Greasers and Boy Greasers, created by a Grease 2 fan, with tons of help from Ivy Austin "Francine"

Ivy Austin "Francine", `Nerd' girl with long braids. Month of May at Talent Show.

Bernardo Hiller: Guy seen dancing with blonde bombshell Helena Andreyko. `Reproduction' "Hey, I'm lost! Where are we?!"

Helena Andreyko: Blonde Bombshell. `Reproduction' "Hope he's proud of what he's done!" `Score Tonight' both she and Bernie wore black/gray/red bowling league shirts. Helena's hair was done up in a sleek beehive for that scene.

Andy Tennant "Artie". `Reproduction' "I got yer pistil right here!" Seen, with Bernie, taking a nap on Michael Carrington's shoulders.

Vicki Hunter: `Reproduction' "Make my stamen go berserk!"

Tom Villard "Willie": Talent show, sings `Cry'. `Reproduction' "OH, I THINK I'M GONNA THROW UP!!"

Aurelio Padrón: `Reproduction' "Is it possible the female member of some sex on a couch could like get this guy all hot, and she never even knew it?" Seen dancing with Dallace Winkler in `Score Tonight'

Donna King" `Reproduction' "I don't think they even know what a PISTIL is!" Talent Show, month of January, Champagne glass girl.

Dallace Winkler: Talent show, George Washington suit, month of February, Aurelio's girlfriend

Michael DiMente: (Bruce Sanders in the Grease 2 novel by William Rotsler) Guy with bass guitar that Goose McKenzie harassed. (Uncredited)

Dennis Daniels: `Reproduction' "Can't prove it by me! 'Cause they change their tune when you've got 'em in the back seat!" Seen dancing with Evelyn Tosi.

Evelyn Tosi: Seen dancing with Dennis Daniels, wearing green bowling league shirts, her hair clipped up with a sliver barrette.

Lucinda Dickie: `Reproduction' (Alongside the twins) "A photoperiodic reaction!!" seen with Charles McGowan. Wearing pink in `Score Tonight'.

Charles McGowan: `Reproduction' "When a warm-blooded mammal in a tight little sweater starts pullin' that stuff, she's saying that she wants to do IT!?

Roy Luthringer: `Reproduction' "With his heart beatin' fast!!"

John Robert Garrett: `Reproduction' "He was only POKIN' fun!"

Frank Clark: Angry Old Geezer / Windshield man: "Are you gonna get this windshield or not?!! COME ON!!!"

Janet Jones: Girl `Goosed' by Goose McKenzie. Worried about missing her last two periods - which Mrs. McGee misunderstood... the realized too late what she meant.

Sandra Gray: Talent Show, Girl wearing baseball mitt headpiece, month of August.

Freddie Hice: Balmudo’s Right-Hand man. Aviator sunglasses, sneering behind Leo Balmudo, when the Cycle Lords annoy the T-Birds at Rydell's track.