Evie Lynn is a character from Grease 2, played by Evelyn Tosi

In Score Tonight, she and her boyfriend Bart were seen wearing green bowling league shirts, with Evie wearing her hair clipped up in a curly ponytail by a wide silver barrette. They were later seen spinning together on the lanes alongside Aurelio, Bernie Dillard, Brad and Stacie, Roy, and Lucy and Chuck McGovern.

Later, in Mr.Stuart's Reproduction class, Bart slid across Francine, Trixie Andrews, and Evie's desk, singing to his her "Can't prove it by me! 'Cause they change their tune when you got 'em in the back seat!"

At the June Moon Talent Show, Evie Lynn was one of the Calendar Girls, wearing a blue outfit with silver stars, silver gloves, a red and blue cape, and the word JULY spelled with the `J’ on a firecracker on her right shoulder, the `UL’ on a firecracker headpiece, and the `Y’ on a firecracker on her left shoulder.

Calendar Girl july Costume

Calendar Girl July costume