The Drive-In movie theatre is a popular place for teenagers from Rydell to go for a date.

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After Danny wins the dance-off with Cha-Cha, during which Sandy leaves, heartbroken, he tries to make it up to her by bringing her to the Drive-In. Danny consoles an unenthusiastic Sandy, who's hesitant to forgive him. Danny attempts to remove his class ring from his finger, but it's stuck on his finger. He lubricates the ring with the grease from his hair, and he does get it off his finger, and accidentally elbows Sandy's chest in the process. After quietly snickering to himself, Danny gives Sandy his class ring, and her mood changes from unenthusiastic to happy. She tells Danny that it means so much to her because she now knows that he respects her, leaving Danny wondering what he had just done. Danny makes a pass on Sandy and she angrily leaves Danny, gives him back his class ring, and runs out of the drive in. Danny tearfully regrets what he's done and sings how he truly feels about Sandy, (Sandy (Song).

Meanwhile, Rizzo fears that she might be pregnant, and when she tells Marty, she makes her promise not to tell anyone. That didn't last long. As soon as she told Sonny, the story spread like wildfire. When it reaches Kenickie, he talks to Rizzo about it, saying he's more than willing to help her, but she brushes him off saying that it's not his child. Kinickie tries to laught it off, but angrily rebuffs her saying, "Thanks a lot, kid." and leaves Rizzo in regret at what she'd just said.

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The Drive-In movie scenes were all shot at the Pickwick Drive-In, in Burbank, California. Unfortunately, all of the drive-in theatres in Southern California have closed, and this one is no exception. The Pickwick Drive-In was closed down in 1989, torn down, and a suburban shopping center was built on the site, where it continues to stand to this day.

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