Anthony DelFuego, more commonly known as Doody, is a member of the T-Birds . His girlfriend is Frenchy. He is portrayed by Barry Pearl, in the 2016 live performance by Jordan Fisher, and in the 2017 play version by Ben Peel (alongside his co-star/girlfriend and singer, Kimberley Goon whom played Peel's love interest). His nickname stems from the idea that that he somewhat resembles Howdy Doody (according to Frenchy's Grease Scrapbook). In Grease Live his character (played by Jordan Fischer) sings "Those Magic Changes".


Doody is a slim young guy, curly hair. He is usually seen wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt, black Converse high tops, and his brown leather jacket with the T-Birds logo on the back.


Playful, goofy, and a touch brave, having insulted Kenickie's new (beat to crap) car, which would later be re-christened Greased Lightning, which Danny Zuko called him on. "What do you drive?" "Yeah, I.. ooh, whuh..." "That's what I thought."

When faced with intimidating the Scorpions, Doody's `weapon' of choice was a clear yellow plastic squirt gun*, which he wielded when the Scorpions rolled by the Rydell Bonfire. He'd used it prior to Summer Nights, squirting Putzie up the nose for hiding under the bleachers, looking up girl's skirts.

At the National Dance-Off, her referred to his date Frenchy - dressed in a yellow dress, yellow high heels and her hair in a pretty yellow beehive - as "A beautiful blonde... pineapple!"

At same, he was one of the 3 T-Birds (Sans Kenickie and Danny) who `Mooned' the TV camera, pulling his pants down the whole way, briefly exposing his white underpants.

During the end of school announcements by Principal McGee, Doody perked up when she stated that `anyone' could be a president Eisenhower, or even a Vice President Nixon.

Doody was one of the first who saw - and were deeply stunned by - Sandy Olsen's radical transformation from sweet girl to sexy stunner.

  • Doody's squirt gun.

Barry Pearl on Facebook: "We were brought to the prop trunk and told to pick out anything we wanted that we felt would fit our character. I loved squirt guns when I was a kid in the '50's, so I grabbed the yellow squirt gun. Sensibilities were different in the '50's. The world was a much nicer place, in many ways (a song sung by every generation that has preceded us)."

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