Donna Singer is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2.

She was first seen in Back To School Again, dancing alongside Artie and Bernie Dillard, wearing an orange blouse and brown skirt, brunette with bouffant hair.

During the Score Tonight scene, Donna and her date R.G. were wearing red leather bowling outfits, and she and R/G. were seen twirling alongside Bernie Dillard and Trixie Andrews, Roy and Vicki Hunt, Aurelio and Dallace Winger, Bart and Evie, Lucy Dickens and Chuck McGovern, then Gracie (of Stacie & Gracie, the cheerleader twins) and her date.

In Reproduction, after Francine's verse "Put your pollen tube to work", and Vicki Hunt's verse, "Make my stamen go berserk", Donna challenged the guy's knowledge of anatomy "I don't think they even know what a pistil is!" And she was promptly challenged by Artie, "I got your pistil right here!" And he chased her around the class room while Francine giggled as Mr. Stuart tried to corral the students back to their seats.

At the June Moon Talent Show, Donna represented the month of January, dressed in a tight red top, wearing a large champagne glass around her waist, with foam-and-cloth legs sticking out of it, signifying New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

She was played by Donna King.