Dolores Rebchuck is a character in the 1982 film, Grease 2. She's the younger sister of Paulette Rebchuck, and is a Pink Lady "mascot," and considers herself looked down, spit upon, ordered, bossed, and pushed around by her sister, Paulette.

When she and Michael Carrington meet at the Bowl-A-Rama, after Score Tonight, She tells him she's working her way up, so that she's the leader of the Pink Ladies when she's a senior.

She doesn't officially have a boyfriend, until the end when she "breaks up" with Michael because she's got another man on her hands, referring to starting a relationship with Davey Jaworski. Though she's younger than all of the Pink Ladies, she is cocky, spirited, and brave to a fault! in Back To School Again, she dashed by the T-Birds and imparted to Davey Jaworski the Italian "screw you" chin-flick. At the Bowl-A-Rama, she strode by Leo Balmudo. She got to the door, whirled to him and screamed "SCUM!!!" At first enraged, Leo laughed at her bravado.

What Michael Carrington whispered to her at the Luau was "It's too bad we didn't meet in another place at another time."

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