Coach Vince Calhoun is Rydell's athletics teacher. He was one of the best athletics teachers and coaches in the entire school district. Enthusiastic, `give 'em hell', and Gung-Ho! What set him apart from some other coaches was that he cared about his charges, as during the 58-59 semester, he had gone out of his way to help T-Bird leader, Danny Zuko, find a sport that he could handle, helping him choose Track and Field.

In Grease 2 He was still going strong, a young man despite his years, his physique as youthful as those of his athletic students, if not stronger. If Johnny Nogerelli was built like a tank, Calhoun was a freakin' Howitzer! He was trying to recruit as many fresh new athletes as he could to get Rydell out of their now 9-season slump! He was the best coach in the district, but not always the most successful, but he never gave up!

Coach Calhoun was played by the late Sid Caesar in both Grease and Grease 2.

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