Charlene "Cha-Cha" DiGregorio is the secondary antagonist from Grease. Reputedly the best dancer at St. Bernadette (with the worst reputation), Cha-Cha wins the dancing competition with Danny. She is the sultry/sexy, flamboyantly attractive (if conceited and vulgar) ex-girlfriend of Danny Zuko and in a relationship with Leo Balmudo during the original Grease.


Cha-Cha is first seen with her boyfriend, Leo, interrupting Rizzo's make-out session with Kenickie in his car. When Kenickie and Betty Rizzo fall out, Kenickie invites Charlene to be his prom date to make Rizzo jealous. (Cha-Cha may simultaneously have issues with Leo.) Rizzo surprisingly invites Leo in hopes of having the same effect on Kenickie.

At the prom, after Kenickie is kicked out for humiliating Patty Simcox, Charlene stalked Danny and Sandy throughout the dance-off, to get attention on her, she grabs the hem of her own dress and lifts it up, exposing her black panties, much to the delight of all the men. After Sandy gets pulled away from Danny by a drunk Sonny, Cha-Cha used that interruption of the competition as an opportunity to dance with Danny and win the dance-off.

By the time  the Thunder Road race takes place, she and Leo are back together. Cha-Cha gives him a car key from her bra and the two passionately kiss. Cha-Cha appears worried (or perhaps more irritated) when she sees Leo falter in the race against Danny, meaning that Leo has to give up his car to Danny.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Cha-Cha was played by Annette Charles, born Annette Cardona (March 5, 1948 – died August 3, 2011).


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