The Calendar girls are:

G2 calendar girls Spring

Calendar Girls - March, April, May (Francine, Sharon, Trixie)

Sharon Cooper: March (Green-gold dress, large Cloverleaf collar)

Trixie Andrews: April (Pink & white Easter Bunny) - Trix Rabbit?? heh

Francine: May (Maypole headpiece, gold entwined in her braids, cream & gold dress with copper and green)

G2 calendar girls Summer

Calendar Girls, Summer - Jun, July, August (Evie, Paulette, Sandi)

Paulette Rebchuck: June: (White Wedding lingerie, gold ring headpiece, bouquets in both hands)

Evie: July (4th of July. J on her right shoulder, UL on her firecracker headpiece, Y on her left shoulder, Red-White-and- Blue dress)

Grease 2 07 Girl for all seasons love will turn back 294

Calendar Girls, Fall - September, October, November (Lucy, Rhonda, Vicki)

Sandi Green: August (Baseball mitt headpiece, baseball jersey)

Rhonda Ritter: September (Purple tree costume)

Vicki Hunt: October (Jack-O-Lantern headpiece, Witch cape)

Lucy: November (Pilgrim Thanksgiving outfit, Horn-of-plenty headpiece)

Grease 2 07 Girl for all seasons love will turn back 339

Calendar Girls, Winter - December, January, February (Dallace, Steph, Donna)

Stephanie Zinone: December (Christmas tree dress with DECEMBER on the hem)

Donna Singer: January (Champagne glass outfit with foam legs sticking from it, red sparkly dress)

Dallace Winger: February (Wiggling George Washington-face costume)

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