Cadillac Jack's Burger Joint

The Burger Diner is a popular place for students of Rydel to socialize. The food was known for being skimpy on ketchup.

This was where Michael Carrington assisted Stephanie Zinone with her English essay for Ms. Mason’s class. Despite the slang Steph used, which was the main reason her paper failed, her observation that “Hamlet went totally nuts when he caught his mother doing it in the sack with his uncle” was actually right. It was said better by Michael, “Hamlet was... tormented by his mother’s... incestuous relationship with his uncle.”

It was there that Steph realized she liked Michael despite him being a nerd, she even ordered a hamburger for him, loaded with ketchup. She also referred to him as her friend.


  • The pink generator-locker outside the restaurant was just a prop for Adrian Zmed and Christopher MacDonald to knee-and-punch in frustration, not an actual part of the building.
  • There is a Google Sketchup 3d model available, which, if exported directly to Google Earth, will show up on the exact spot the diner is located. There is also a 3d model of Rydell's main building and Rydell's track, complete with Michael Carrington and Stacie & Gracie
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