Brad, The Song was written and performed by Stacie & Gracie, the cheerleader twins, about a fictional version of Stacie's boyfriend, Brad.

His loafers were Weejuns.

His chinos were black.

With a cute little buckle,

That fastened in back.

From the very first glance,

I dreamed of romance,

with Brad

Romance with Brad

Oh how he impressed me,

this vision in madras.

Don't know what possessed me,

But I gave him my address!

And my heart shook with fear,

as I prayed that I'd hear

From Brad

Hear from Brad...

But the weeks slipped away

and Brad didn't write

So I sent him notes

drenched with my sin

Then at yesterday's tea dance,

my day turned to night!

Muffy Rogers was wearing Brad's pin!

I could just die!!

(Un-filmed verse)

Ditsy and Pookie

say I should forget him

But they'd love him too

if they ever met him.

It may be to late

but as sure my skirt is plaid

I know its my fate,

to sit here and wait

for Brad (waiiiiiiiiiiiiit for Brad)