Brad is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2. Played by Matt Lattanzi.

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He was first seen dancing with Vernon Dickey and another Prep-Tone in front of the T-Birds in Back To School Again.

He was seen as the date of Stacie of the Stacie & Gracie duo in Score Tonight.

His band, the Prep-Tones auditioned for the June Moon Talent Show by singing the overly-sappy Mr. Sandman, which bored Principal McGee, but was lauded by Ms.Yvette Mason.

During the talent show, The Prep-Tones were rehearsing in the shower room, and were ambushed by the T-Birds, who lashed them to the shower assembly. On command from Johnny Nogerelli, the T-Birds drenched their rivals and stole their jackets for their Prowlin' performance.

Brad and the Prep-Tones watched from the side-stage, dripping wet, as the T-Birds swept the boy's division. It could be speculated that Mrs. McGee was so bored by the Prep-Tones' performance, she ignored the fact that the T-Birds technically cheated by stealing the jackets.

Brad and the Prep-Tones were later seen at the Luau, dancing with Stacie & Gracie, dressed in Hawaiian shirts, brandishing red-yellow pom-poms. Later that night, Brad was one of the raft-bearers who had to carry the King and Queen Johnny Nogerelli and Stephanie Zinone in their ceremonial raft.

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During filming, Matt Lattanzi was the boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John. They got married in 1984. He cheated on her in 1995, so the T-Bird's torturing him in the shower room was prophetic revenge.

Matt Lattanzi as Brad

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