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Blanche Hodel is a character in Grease and it's sequel Grease 2.

Blanche worked as Mrs. McGee's outgoing, friendly, and a bit goofy secretary, and always had a smile on her face and always "overdoing" the xylophone during Mrs. McGee's announcements.

At the National Dance Off, she is wearing a pink dress and silver high heels. After Patty Simcox's humiliation Blanche is picked up and her bright gold underwear is briefly exposed. During the song "Those Magic Changes," she stood in front of Johnny Casino watching him sing, looking and acting like a starry-eyed teenager.

In the sequel, Blanche and Mrs. McGee got covered with the Rydell flag when the students rushed to the campus during the song Back To School Again. As the students poured into the school, Mrs. McGee and Blanche opened the blinds from their office window, and watched in alarm.

Later, in the principal's office, when Mrs. McGee tried to make the announcement, Blanche, as usual, overdid the xylophone, playing an extended welcoming tune `Suwanee / Swanee River', which Mrs. McGee stopped before it got out of hand.

Blanche was on the Talent Show committee, along with Mrs. McGee, and Ms. Mason. Blanche was the more accepting of the T-Birds and even applauding their less-than-melodic rehearsal of Prowlin'.

Some time later, Blanche was in charge of the air raid siren, as since it was the Cold War with Russia, they needed to run hypothetical attack drills to keep the students safe. And that bugger was excruciatingly loud! After Mrs. McGee was finishing up her `Air Raid Siren’ Test’ announcement, Blanche grabbed the microphone and cried out in panic, "Boys to one side, girls to the other! Run, run, run!" Then broke down sobbing.

Blanche was present when Stephanie Zinone broke down onstage at the Talent Show, asking Mr. Stuart if he knew what was wrong.

At the Luau, after Lone Rider re-emerged and clobbered the Cycle Lords, she was the one who cried in joy “Michael! It’s Michael!!”

At the end of the film, she and Mrs. McGee took the photos of the graduating students.