Bernie Dillard is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2, played by Bernardo `Bernie' Hiller.

He was one of Rydell High's best dancers. Certainly the most prolific, as he was seen in every major musical scene, and he and his girlfriend Trixie Andrews were the first of the Rydell dancers seen onscreen during the opening verse of Back To School Again, alongside Francine, Aurelio, and R.G. (The guy in the sunglasses).

In Reproduction he was the student who exclaimed "Hey, I'm lost! Where are we?!"

Lucy Dickens: "Chapter Two!"

Willie Willard: "Page five!"

In Score Tonight both he and Trixie were seen wearing gray, black, and red bowling league shirts, and again in Who's That Guy?, sitting atop a car while Lone Rider whalloped the Cycle Lords.

Bernie seemed to get along pretty well with his T-Birds classmates, but he wasn't cowed by their usual tough act, having been seen during Michael Carrington's song Charades, having a few `words' with Louis DiMucci in the lunch line. Though the dialogue was drowned out by the song's lyrics, it seemed that Louis and the other T-Birds cut in line. Bernie retaliated later by shoulder bumping Louis, and giving him a `Yeah, keep walking. T-Bird, I'm not afraid of you' look.

Bernie and Trixie were present at the Luau when "Lone Rider" (Michael Carrington) revealed himself after beating the Cycle Lords again. Bernie and Trixie were behind Paulette Rebchuck when Davey Jaworski accidentally threw the T-Birds jacket that Johnny Nogerelli ordered to her instead of Johnny. Bernie was seen in close-up, laughing, after Johnny had made Michael an official T-Bird.

Bernie-Helen behind Paulette

Bernie and Helen behind Paulette

Bernie pic

Bernie telling off Louis (Johnny in the background)