Dennis Daniels Grease 2 promo

Dennis Daniels as Dennis Jimenez

Bart is a `Boy Greaser' character from Grease 2

Bart was the one who clapped Eugene Felsnic on the back when he got off the bus, then pushed Eugene into the path of oncoming jocks on their morning jog.

In Score Tonight, he and his girlfriend Evie Lynn were seen wearing green bowling league shirts, with Evie wearing her hair clipped up in a curly ponytail by a wide silver barrette. They were later seen spinning together on the lanes alongside Aurelio, Bernie Dillard, Brad and Stacie, Roy, and Lucy and Chuck McGovern.

Later, in Mr.Stuart's Reproduction class, Bart slid across Francine, Trixie Andrews, and Evie's desk, singing to his girlfriend "Can't prove it by me! 'Cause they change their tune when you got 'em in the back seat!" All the while, his lower regions were right in front of Francine, who looked in amazement at what she saw in front of her.

During Michael Carrington's sad Charades song, Bart could be seen in the bustling cafeteria in the lunch line.
G2 Dennis

Dennis Daniels as Bart, with Francine, Trixie, and Evie

He was played by Dennis Daniels

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