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Aurelio Perez is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2, a student of Rydell.

He was first seen in Back To School Again Dancing alongside Bernie Dillard, Trixie Andrews, and Francine. He was one of the three Rydell students, including Chuck McGovern, seen dribbling red-white-blue basketballs down the walkway during Back To School Again.

In the Score Tonight scene, he was paired with Dallace Winger, first singing over Artie and his date, Sandi Green, then spinning on Dallace's shoulders.

In Reproduction he was the student who was picked up and carried over to Ms.Yvette Mason by Willie Willard, Roy, and Dennis, singing "Is it possible the female member of some sex on a couch could, like, get this guy all hot, and she never even knew it?"

Later, he and Dallace were seen staring at Louis DiMucci who was holding up a bunny, indicating their proclivity for breeding.

At the June Moon Talent Show When Johnny Nogerelli made his `decree' to Paulette Rebchuck, demanding that she cover up her skimpy Calendar Girls `Summer' lingerie, she became enraged and battered Johnny, shoving him past a shocked - nay, stunned - Aurelio. `She's handing him his ass!'

He was played by Aurelio Padron'.

Side-note, Aurelio Padron' played Felix Perez in `Shining Time Station' alongside Didi Conn, Frenchy.