"Alone at a drive-in movie" is a song in the original 1972 broadway play "Grease".

Lyrics Edit

I'm all alone At the drive-in movie It's a feelin' that ain't too groovy Watchin' werewolves without you... (werewolf howl) Gee, it's no fun Drinkin' beer in the backseat All alone just ain't too neat At the passion pit wanting you. And when the intermission elf moves the clock's hands While he's eating everything sold at the stands, When there's one minute to go 'Till the lights go down low, I'll be holding the speaker knobs Missing you so-o-o! Can't believe it, Unsteamed windows I can see through. Might as well be in an igloo, 'Cause the heater doesn't work... As good as you... (Baby, come back)

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